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View Our Yoga Holidays Calendar 2023, Portugal, Europe

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We’re always adding new weeks to our yoga retreat calendar in Europe for 2023 so check back regularly for updates.

Find a yoga retreat below.

2nd to 9th September

Evolutionary Yoga
Qigong - vinyasa flow
Yin Yoga
Gong Healing

With Peter & Sue


9th to 16th September

Vinyasa Flow
Yin Yoga
Gong Baths

With Freya

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

yoga breaks

19th to 30th September

Join Sue & Peter on a 10 day/100 hours Yin Yoga teacher training course.

7th to 14th October

Qigong - Yin Yoga
Meditation with Gong healing

With Peter & Sue

New Year Retreat Date

28th December 2023 to 4th of January 2024

Evolutionary Yoga

Vinyasa, Qigong, Shamanic, Meditation

I have had a truly rejuvenating and enriching stay. not only do i feel well rested and energized, more so leaving with the feeling of motivation and am inspired to return home again. what marks this retreat as unique is the wholesome balance which peter and sue achieve in the  way they live. They enjoy a beautiful and respectful relationship with the earth in this part of Europe and this is reflected in there yoga practice and there diet. There macrobiotic lifestyle means that nothing is wasted and everything is free to move through the cycle of nature. this balance is captured  in  there approach to yoga and you are taught the dynamics by which to reconnect with the breath with the earth and with your inner awareness. What i found refreshing was the unpretentious way peter and sue where  able to recreate the conditions by which i was able to reconnect with nature.

They live in a beautiful part of Portugal in Europe which is surrounded by hills valleys and forests. the yoga spaces take  you right  out onto the edges of these dramatic views. the food is delicious and leaves you feeling nourished and grounded. You will truly  enjoy the wonders of this rustic rural yoga retreat.
I did!

Zahra, Southampton, UK
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