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soap making yoga retreatsFreya has been living in Central Portugal for the last ten years and have developed a passionate interest in the local flora. My interest in wild plants sparked when I studied Environmental Science at Aberdeen in the 90´s, and has grown steadily from then on. By living "off grid" and working on my small-holding (vegetables, chickens and goats) I try to stay connected to nature and close to nature's cycles – something which is becoming increasingly difficult for people caught in today's busy lifestyle. I offer two activities at the retreat, a guided nature walk and an incense-making workshop.


Guided Nature Walk

yoga holiday making insenseJoin me for a 2 ½ hour walk along the forest paths around Amieira. We will see many endemic and introduced plant species and talk about the stories behind them, from their place in traditional Portuguese culture to uses in modern herbal medicine. You will also learn about how to prepare simple remedies, such as tinctures and infusions, from the herbs you find.

Making your own Soap

The   Olive Oil Soap we make is completely natural.   Today there are a lot of soaps on the market that contain chemicals to   make them smell better, make them feel better on your skin. Years from   now, when the laboratory tests are all complete, these unusual  chemicals  might prove to do more harm than good. Olive oil has been  used for  centuries to moisturize and gently cleanse the skin. Its  antioxidant  properties are legendary for nourishing skin and fighting  the signs of  aging.  Each soap we make has a slightly different  characteristic, this  has to do with the ingredients we use.  Once the  soap has been made and  is about to be poured in the molds various  additives (all natural) can  be added, for example: oatmeal which has  natural fats to keep your skin  moist and also acts as an exfoliant;  Green clay is rich in minerals,  absorbs oil from the skin and revives  and purifies the skin, Calendula  has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory   properties which are useful  for treating various types of dermatitis  such as eczema.and of course  various essential oils for fragrances.  In  this way the soap you make  can be tailored for your skin type.

Incense Workshop

Discover how easy it is to make your own incense from locally collected herbs, barks and berries. We will look into the basic steps of choosing and combining scents, after which you will make your own personal blend of loose incense from a selection of ingredients.
Each activity costs €10 per person (€15 per person if there are only 2 people).

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