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ashtanga yoga retreat

Peter & Sue  are both registered Senior Yoga Teachers (SYT) & Trainers with the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK."

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Peter Sue hold regular Yin Yoga Teacher training Courses in Portugal


Sue, a Yoga Alliance Senior Teacher, is an experienced and dedicated yoga practitioner who has been teaching yoga since 2006. She was born in the UK and lived in Portugal for 14 years. Sue's yoga journey began in 2000 when she decided to take a free yoga class while on a work trip to Singapore. The teacher told her she had a lot of tension in her body, which sparked her interest in yoga.

Sue has been on a healing journey for the past 19 years, gradually learning to let go of tension and unravel. She believes in the power of yoga and its ability to heal the body and mind. She has trained in various forms of yoga, including Dynamic Yoga, Hatha yoga, and Yoga for Pregnancy.

Sue has a particular interest in Yin yoga and has been teaching Yin yoga classes and workshops since 2011. She has undertaken in-depth trainings with prominent Yin teachers, including Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley, and studied the work of others such as Bernie Clarke and Norman Blair. Through Yin yoga, Sue has developed a deep understanding of the energetic principles underlying the practice.

In addition to her Yin yoga training, Sue has completed a 500-hour Yoga Therapy Training course with an emphasis on mental health. She deeply understands the connections between body and mind and how yoga can be used to address specific health concerns. Sue has also completed a Medical Qigong training course and has extensive knowledge of the organs of the body, meridians, vessels, and acupressure points.

Sue's personal journey of healing has led her to study shamanic homeopathy for four years. She has a profound appreciation for the power of alternative healing modalities and their ability to provide deep transformation and radiant good health. She generously shares her knowledge with others, offering free Yoga Therapy sessions to students with additional needs on her retreats.

Sue is a compassionate teacher who holds space for her students to explore their own journeys. Her teaching style is clear and precise, and she has a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and energetic principles. Sue believes in the importance of personal growth and invites her students to go deeper into their own practice to discover their true potential.


Peter's journey into the world of Eastern practices started at a very young age, as he began learning different styles of martial arts when he was just seven years old. He quickly developed a love for these practices and began teaching them at the age of just 14 in his hometown of Liverpool.

Eventually, Peter found his way onto the holistic spiritual path of Ninjitsu, where he learned the theory and philosophy of balancing Yin and Yang. He continued his journey by training in the ancient teachings of the Shamanistic Medicine Wheel, discovering the powerful healing capabilities of this approach.

Peter is a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher, having trained in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, as well as a QiGong practitioner and teacher. He has been teaching in Portugal for over 14 years, sharing his knowledge and passion with those who seek to deepen their practice and experience all the benefits yoga has to offer.

Peter has studied with many teachers over the years, including Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Hiroshi Motoyama, Leo Rutherford, Steven Forest, and Master Mantak Chia. He has also trained in Yin yoga with Sara Powers, attending her course in France, and is a fully qualified mindfulness teacher.

Aside from his extensive experience in various Eastern practices, Peter is also an Evolutionary Astrologer. He interprets birth charts in a way that assists personal growth and development by looking through the lens of the ever-evolving soul journey.

Peter's expertise in fascia is also extensive. He studies the topic in great detail and brings its relevance to life in class, particularly following the work of Thomas Myers, Dr. Carla Stecco, and Dr. Robert Schleip. He has also completed a Medical Qigong training course at Tao Gardens in Thailand.

In conclusion, Peter's vast knowledge and experience in Eastern practices have made him a highly respected teacher, practitioner, and advocate for a holistic approach to wellness. His dedication to sharing his knowledge and passion for yoga and other healing practices is evident in the depth of his teachings, and his desire to help others find balance and inner peace through these practices. Join him in his classes and retreats to experience the transformative power of yoga and other Eastern practices.
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