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Yoga Retreat August 2024

Are you attempting to find a way to escape the daily grind this August? A yoga retreat can be just what you need. Yoga retreats allow you the chance to disconnect from technology and rediscover your inner self.

August yoga retreats are particularly remarkable because of the sunshine in peaceful location where you can enjoy the amazing landscape. This is the perfect opportunity to unwind, heal, and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

When on a our yoga retreat, you can expect two daily yoga practices, healthy food, and a relaxed space to rest in the Sun or take a dip in our natural salt water swimming pool. You'll also have the chance to connect with like minded people who share your interests or be in your own space. Read more about the retreat below.

august yoga retreats 2024

There is a retreat that will work for you whether you are brand-new to yoga or have been doing it for years. There is something for everyone, ranging from advanced practice sessions to beginner-friendly getaways.

So why not reserve a yoga retreat for August and treat yourself to some time dedicated to your own wellbeing? Making it a memorable experience for you.

join our yoga retreat August 2024 for a ashtanga vinyasa yoga, primary series retreat. Bring your practice to life in a setting that has stunning views across the mountain ranges. If you are looking to escape the city and find a place to simply re-charge, eat nutritious delicious food, chill by the swimming pool or stroll around in nature then come and spend a week or two with us here in Portugal.

This year we have a 1 week ashtanga vinyasa  yoga retreat with with yin yoga and  meditation. This is a great weeks to re-establish your posture practice and learn to be present in the moment using the mindful meditation method. In the evening we take a more yin approach to find stillness and comfort while stimulating the meridians. Join us on this week with Peter & Sue to learn how to creatively sequence your own yoga practice and find balance and focus. A wonderful way to choreographer your own yoga practice.

3rd to 10th of August

Ashtang Vinyasa Yoga
Primary Series
Yin Yoga
Gong Healing

With Peter & Sue

Single Room £600 - Eco caravan £500 - Twin Room £550 pp-  Double Room £550 pp - En-suite £700pp

What's included in your stay with us

  • Arrive in evening at 21.30  and leave a week later in the morning at 08:00 morning. (unless it is starting in the morning)
  • transfers from Oleiros to the retreat center
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 2 daily yoga classes with meditation - 12 classes during your stay
  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day with a sweet to follow. sweets range from raw chocolate to healthy homemade raw cakes
  • Extra help with your practice if you feel you need clarification with any aspect the many practices we teach.
  • A day out at the river Zezere with a picnic lunch
  • We also have a raw chocolate making workshop which is donation only

Whats optional

  • massage
  • Organic soap and moisturiser making workshop  with Freya
  • incense stick making,
  • taking a walk to learn about medicinal herbs with Freya

Here are 4 benefits of attending  a yoga retreat

1. Strengthens immune system: Research indicates that practicing yoga may strengthen the immune system. By lowering stress hormones, yoga practice improves immune system performance and reduces inflammation.

2. Enhances sleep quality: Yoga has the potential to enhance the quality of sleep. Frequent yoga practice can lower stress levels, promote relaxation, and enhance the quality of sleep.

3. Lessens pain and inflammation: Doing yoga poses can improve the body's pain and inflammation. Numerous stretches and yoga poses aid in reducing joint and muscle strain and enhancing circulation.

4. Enhances heart health: Yoga has the potential to enhance heart health. It has been demonstrated that some yoga techniques, such pranayama and meditation, can drop blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease.

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