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Evolutionary Yoga Retreat Portugal 2022

europe yoga retreatJoin us (Sue & Peter) on these very special yoga retreat portugal weeks to experience our own creation of yoga called Evolutionary Yoga, you can read more on the Evolutionary Yoga website. Our method of practice draws on the many branches of Yoga, Qigong, Shamanism, Mindful Meditation and Evolutionary Astrology. Evolutionary Yoga brings a rich and profound dimension to the ancient teachings that are still alive and thriving today. All of our teachings have withstood the test of time, but bringing these teachings together and making them accessible to everybody has taken many years of training, personal process and teaching experience that still continues for us both today. We alos hold qigong retreat and yoga teacher training courses.

Vinyasa influenced style of posture practice

Qigong retreat
Vinyasa translates into English to mean “sequence” of movements or postures which encompass lots of different forms from, swists, balances, backbending, forward bending and inversions to help release tension from the body and mind. On our retreat week we will select sequences of postures to enhance, relax and rest the body. We start our practice with our fascia release sequence that is designed to open the different fascial meridian lines of the body and then move into beautifully choreographed sequences of yoga and qigong forms.
Our sequences on our yoga retreats build strength, endurance and flexibility without being forceful. We invite and assist you to stay on the edge of the universe of sensation within the physical body, with the breath as the guide. This method allows us to experience the body as one moving unit, rather than creating separateness inside each posture. The ethos of Evolutionary Yoga is to help people see that they all have unique bodies and minds and what might helpful for one person could be unhelpful for another.

Yin Yoga Retreat

yoga retreat portugalAlthough the name is relatively new Yin Yoga has been around for many thousands of years as the “Tha”(moon)in Hatha yoga.  In the world today we primarily see the” Ha” (sun) part of the practice which is a yang approach which reflects the fast & hectic pace of life. Yin has resurfaced to redress the balance and  is all about spending time deep inside your mental, emotional and physical bodies and  being aware of the totality of your experience in the moment. We spend a long time in Yin Postures so that we can stimulate the meridians of the body to enhance organ health by gently creating tension and compression which releases deep blockages within the fascia of the body.  

Mindfulness Meditation Practices

Mindfulness meditation helps to calm the mind and bring us into our current momentary experience, observing our body and mind and the thoughts, sensations and emotions that pass through our awareness at any given time. You will have the opportunity to learn the method of the practice and also how you can develop a little more kindness towards yourself by cultivating a helpful attitude. Once we learn the method and the attitude then we can move on to learning very helpful exercises that can be used to help restore balance and harmony into our everyday lives, when needed.

Element QiGong Retreat – Organ Health and Longevity Practices

qigong retreats europe

On this week you will have the opportunity yo experience Qigong retreat exercises to open the body up and prepare it for the yoga sequences. The style of Qigong we teach is powerful and works directly with the physical, emotional and energy bodies to enhance our organ health and clear any blockages and stagnation that we might have. This type of Qigong is called 5 elements Qigong which incorporates five profound sequences based on the movements of the Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake and Crane. Sue & Peter have trained in the application of medical Qigong to enhance the health of the Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Spleen and heart. Qigong is an incredibly powerful practice that teaches us to experience and direct energy movement using our minds and bodies. This then helps in everyday life to steady and support the body and mind by slowing down the thoughts and emotions that can sometimes be overwhelming.

yoga retreat europe

Shamanic Retreat Practice (We do not use any plant based medicine)

Shamanism is the foundational practice of all spiritual practices today, dating back some 100,000 thousand years and leaving an undying impression on human consciousness that is still all around us. You can find many different approaches to shamanism but the ones in our training are totally safe and do not rely on plant medicine for us to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky to become closer to our spiritual essence. This method of practice teaches trust and innocence as well as self love and empowerment.

Yoga Portugal River

The shamanic practices on this week will include drum meditation or what we call journeying. The drum is known as the horse and we ride its rhythmic beat into a profound and thought provoking non ordinary state of consciousness. We will learn to journey to find our personal spirit guides and interpret their messages to find the medicine they can bring into our lives. We will also explore the healing power of the medicine wheel and understand where and how this simple yet insightful map of our consciousness can be integrated into our lives so we can make many beneficial changes.

Gong Healing

retreats yoga portugal

Peter will be working with planetary gongs, Earth, Mars, Chiron and Venus on this week to bath you into a place of ultimate bliss.

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