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Lisbon : Please check your day and date of travel as some retreats start on different days

Lisbon is a truly wonderful city with many great attractions. For further details please click here to visit lonely planet.

For  guests who arrive in Lisbon on Friday you can find  some great offers on hotels or hostels with prices from 18 Euros per night. click the links below to search.

The coach departs Lisbon on Saturday evening at 18.00 and leaves on the Saturday morning of your departure at 08.00.

The coach arrives in Oleiros at 21.30 and we will be there to meet you In Oleiros for a short drive to the retreat center for some late supper and a good nights sleep. The practice starts at 0900 the first morning The coach going back arrives in Lisbon at around noon.

By Car

If you decide to travel by car then please let us know and we will provide detailed information.

By Coach/Bus

You  take the coach from the Sete Rios, Lisbon at 6pm. The coach takes you  to Oleiros and we will come and collect you by car from there. The coach  station is not far from the airport. It is easier to take a taxi  directly to the Sete Rios with plenty of time to spare. Tickets can be  purchased at the coach station. or from the website @
https://rede-expressos.pt/en The coach will cost around €14.00.

Going back from Olieros to Lisbon the coach leaves at 8:15am and we will arrange your journey to Oleiros.

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