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Summer Solstice Yoga Retreat 2024
Tuesday 18th to 25th June 2024
All Prices Are In Pounds

All prices are per person and include, food, accommodation, all classes

Single Room £600 - Twin Room £550 - Double Room £550 - Single/double en-suite £700 - Room with a veranda £750 - Eco caravan £500

With Sue & Peter

This retreat is a celebration of the next summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere will occur on 20th June 2024. The summer solstice marks the official start of astronomical summer and the longest day of the year.

This makes it the perfect time not just to honour the sun & shifting seasons as our ancestors have done since the dawn of time but also a special time to honour our own inner light.

Summer Solstice Retreat 2024

The cycle of the Sun represents the cycle of our lives and reflects the natural flow of energy moving inward and outward. There are times to grow, times to pause, times to let go and times to learn. The Summer Solstice reminds us to turn inward and find the nourishment needed to grow and evolve. It is a time to pause and wait for the energy planted in the Spring to reach full bloom. We must develop trust and confidence in ourselves that what we set in motion previously is correct even if we go through some troubled times. Our course is set at this point, we just need to nurture it and find purpose within its process.

The Summer solstice represents the transition from action to nourishment, which is exactly what the Sun gives us during the long nights of summer, both to our actual crops but also to the continual journey we travel from darkness to light. Summer reminds us that there is hope in the world, that the light within can spread to the far reaches of the world and inspire others. We can nurture others, just as the Sun nurtures us. Summer becomes a time to work on ourselves and our ability to be the light and find meaning in our journey, even when it seems uncertain. This is the rhythm of nature; new beginnings transition into a period of uncertainty.

Solstice Retreat

During this time, it is easy to fall pray to anxiety and worry. Big shifts also cause old energies to surface and darkness can easily take over our mind. Summer is the time to develop faith in our life, squash the darkness with light, and trust that just like the Sun, we will rise each day no matter what life brings us.

Through honouring this day of light, we energetically set in motion a period of awakening in our consciousness

Here at yoga evolution  we explore ways to align with this day and harness its power to build the light within us.  

The retreat will include daily yoga & qigong practices with the energetic emphasis on the summertime phase of expansion & light heartedness.

The solstice journey itself will start in the evening & continue until sunrise. It will  be a community celebration including a cacao ceremony to honour the 4 directions, with the opportunity to set summer intentions & express gratitude. A combined gong bath & drum journey. Night swimming.  Dancing & drumming around the fire. Early morning  outdoor sun salutation practice. & summer solstice  light meditation.

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