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Qigong Retreat 2023

a weeks qigong
Join us Peter & Sue for the first of five retreats especially tailored to the seasons from a Chinese Five Elements perspective, Immerse yourself in a week of healing, revitalizing  & rejuvenating Qigong practices especially sequenced to enhance & absorb  the energy of spring time which corresponds to the Wood element which supports growth, creativity , vision & leadership.

The week will incorporate many internal alchemy qigong practices & more strengthening external practices.

We will delve into probably the most important qigong exercises for spring which are purging in nature. This is because the leading organ of spring is the Liver, which is our largest digestive organ & is responsible for detoxification of the body. Purging exercises are used to cleanse the body of unhelpful energy we may have acquired (from air pollution, toxins in food, emotions, .electromagnetic radiation, pharmaceutical & recreational drugs, alcohol, other peoples energy & much more) and to release any stagnation of qi which is especially common in the liver.

We will then move into strengthening & tonifying practices which will nourish the organs, smooth our energy flow & enhance our stamina & vitality. The tissues associated with the liver which will benefit from these practices are the joints, ligaments, tendons & fascia of the body.
Finally we will learn to circulate the qi. Circulation qigong exercises help to  irrigate the meridian pathways, nourish the tissues, energise organs &  build internal power and strength. Spring circulation practices move qi through the Liver Meridian and we will embrace the shamanic heritage of these practices embodying the spirit animals of spring, the Dragon & the Tiger. The dragon represents transformation, a powerful force that uses the spirallic dynamic to cultivate and direct energy flow. The Tiger fosters courage & leadership.

We will also learn standing meditation forms, body tapping routines & the tried & tested six healing sounds.

In addition to a substantial programme of  physical practices which will be performed both in the heated indoor practice space & the outdoor qigong hexagon we will also have a talk on Chinese 5 element theory focusing specifically on the energy of spring time & its relevance to our health & longevity.   Learn about emotional patterns that predominate when our liver is unhappy & the virtues which naturally emerge when we come back into our natural state of balance. Learn about the fascinating biology of the liver & practices we can use to directly bring about healing.

Our fantastic massage therapist & Chinese Medical practitioner Juliana will also be here offering five element tongue & pulse diagnosis & there will be an opportunity to take our 5 elements questionnaire to ascertain your dominant elements.  Freya will also be here & will give a talk on herbs that support the liver & are appropriate for a spring clean.

There will also be opportunities to walk in the forest among the abundance of spring flowers, the ideal place to be to enhance the flow of the liver qi. Finally there will be several gong baths during the week which will further enhance the purging & healing programme.

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