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Yoga Retreat Portugal 2024
Relight My Fire - Rekindling Your Creative Spark to Make A Really Lush Life For Yourself - 20th to 27th July & 27th July to 3rd August
We are all creative. But the stresses and busyness of day-to-day life can make us feel otherwise! Living creatively is to feel free to choose a life we love; to see beyond stubborn habits, mindsets and expectations that get in the way of living life with excitement, presence and contentment (and doing the things we actually want to do!)
Ashtanga & Yin Yoga - Lead With The Breathe - 3rd to 10th August
Join Peter & Sue for an ashtanga & yin yoga retreat exploring the primary series practice over the course of a week. Take time out to delve deep into your breath learning this powerful sequence of postures. Dive into the joints and meridians of the body with our yin yoga sequences.

All Prices Are In Pounds

All prices are per person and include, food, accommodation, all classes

Single Room £600 - Twin Room £550 - Double Room £550 - Single/double en-suite £700 - Room with a veranda £750 - Eco caravan £500

Welcome to our home and retreat center in Portugal, Spend a week or two and immerse yourself in a variety of healthy healing practices and specially prepared detoxing food. We are senior yoga teachers and the owners of the center, Peter and Sue, have over 16 years of experience leading courses in Portugal and are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with others.

Our yoga weeks include Ashtanga Vinyasa (in August), Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, and Qigong, allowing you to explore different styles and find what works best for your body and mind, take a look at our retreat calendar to find your week. In addition to yoga, we offer, qiging, microcosmic orbit meditation, shamanic journeying, healing sounds, inner alchemy, and healing Paiste Gong Baths..

The retreat center is set in 7 hectares of well-cared-for forest land, offering plenty of peaceful walks along forest tracks and opportunities to connect with nature. Our team of experienced chefs will prepare delicious and nourishing meals using fresh, organic (where possible, all grains etc are organic) ingredients to support your body's natural detoxification processes.

Each week is 7 nights and 6 full days, giving you plenty of time to rejuvenate and deepen your practice. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, we welcome you to join us for a transformative and rejuvenating experience here in Portugal.

our yoga retreat grounds

Our accommodation options range from cozy stone cottages to larger guesthouses, all of which have been designed to provide maximum comfort while respecting the natural environment. Each unit is tastefully decorated and offers modern amenities such as private en-suite bathrooms when chosen, comfortable beds, and Wi-Fi access in a designated area. For those seeking a truly unique experience, we also offer eco caravans nestled in the forest, providing a back-to-nature experience without sacrificing comfort.

In addition to daily yoga classes, we offer a variety of activities such as herbal walks and long walks to the nearby villages along the forest tracks. Swim in nearby river once during the week, or book a massage  to enhance your relaxation and rejuvenation. We have a picnic at the river Zezere once a week, weather permitting.

Sea Salt Water swimming pool

dining area

Our purpose-built practice Shala. The wooden floor is perfect for yoga, or any other movement practice. The room is equipped with mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps to support your practice.

Our treatment room is a cozy and comfortable space where you can recieve a relaxing massage, reiki, and other healing therapies. Our experienced therapists will tailor the treatment to your specific needs, using natural and organic products to enhance the healing process.

Our saltwater swimming pool is a highlight of our home, particularly during the hot summer months. With stunning views over the valley, it's the perfect spot to cool off and relax in the sunshine. We use saltwater instead of chlorine to minimize our impact on the environment and ensure your skin and hair remain healthy.

Our 13 acres of well-loved and tended forest land are a haven for wildlife. The beautiful terraces step down the Bacelo hillside, offering incredible views of the surrounding valleys and hills. Our valley is particularly magical, with ancient olive groves and a rejuvenating stream bubbling through a myriad of natural slate rock pools. It's the perfect spot to connect with nature, explore the forest trails, or simply relax in a hammock with a book.

At our yoga retreat 2024 Portugal we intentionally keep our group size medium-sized to ensure that we can provide ample support for your practice. Our experienced teachers will guide you through various yoga styles and meditation practices, helping you to deepen your practice.

We have shade trees and hammocks, day beds dotted all around the grounds, providing shady and solitary spaces for you to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Our retreats are designed to help you rest, recharge, and rejuvenate, giving you the opportunity to surrender to the present moment. Whether you're an experienced yogi or a beginner, we invite you to join us on one of our many weeks here in Portugal.

Our land and the practice space

Yin yoga posture

Several days a week, we incorporate morning silence into our schedule to cultivate a sense of presence and inner stillness. This allows you to deepen your experience during yoga classes and activities and integrate any realizations or insights gained during your stay.

Sound healing gong baths

…..My body feels rested & energized, my mind pacified & quiet, my yoga practice deepened & balanced. A special tranquility & peace combined with beautiful views & lightheartedness allows reconnection with simplici-ty, nature & slowness. I leave with a renewed motivation for my practice, greater attention to my body, reaping the benefits of a macrobiotic lifestyle. There is a certain magic here exuding from warm open hearts & a happy acceptance………..a unique & special place in Portugal. Juliette

A lovely place to rest

Peter is a Senior Yoga Teacher in hatha, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, and is also a Shamanic Practitioner, Mindfulness Teacher, martial artist and qigong teacher. He first started practicing at the age of seven, under the instruction of his martial arts teacher, who introduced him to hatha yoga, posture work, meditation, pranayama and mudra with the balance between yin & yang taking centre stage in this art.

SueSue, a Yoga Alliance Senior Teacher, is an experienced and dedicated  yoga practitioner who has been teaching yoga since 2006. She was born in  the UK and lived in Portugal for 17 years. Sue's yoga journey began in  2000 when she decided to take a free yoga class while on a work trip to  Singapore. The teacher told her she had a lot of tension in her body,  which sparked her interest in yoga

Sue is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Yin, Dynamic & Hatha Yoga Teacher Sue is a student clinician  in Shamanic Homeopathy integrating Chinese medical Practices & is also a junior Qigong Teacher & her studies are ongoing. She first practiced Yoga in Singapore in 1999 while on a work trip & from the very first class had a strong inclination that it was the start of a profound journey of transformation that would influence the course of her life.

Alongside Sue and Peter, our team is made up of passionate and experienced individuals, including Freya G who runs our workshops and has lived in Portugal for over 15 years, Freya T and Kate who are teaching yoga on some of our retreats this year and Eugenia our wonderful housekeeper who has spent her life i Portugal.

To find out more about Sue and Peter and the rest of the team at our Yoga Retreat center in Portugal then please select the meet us tab from the menu.

You can view all of our upcoming retreats in Portugal online via the our calendar, and also find out more about each individual retreat on the retreat type page. Once you have chosen you retreat, simply get in touch via email on our booking page and let us know which retreat you are interested in.
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