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Yoga Retreats & Yoga Holidays Europe Portugal

ashtanga yoga retreatPeter & Sue  are both registered Senior Yoga Teachers (SYT) with the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK."

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Our Guests Say...

…..My   body feels rested & energized, my mind pacified & quiet, my   yoga practice deepened & balanced. A special tranquility & peace   combined with beautiful views & lightheartedness allows   reconnection with simplicity, nature & slowness. I leave with a   renewed motivation for my practice, greater attention to my body,   reaping the benefits of a macrobiotic lifestyle. There is a certain   magic here exuding from warm open hearts & a happy acceptance………..a   unique & special place. Juliette

Ashtanga Yoga RetreatsAshtanga Yoga Retreat & Yin Yoga
Yin & Yang
Cultivating a meditation practice, pranayama and exploring more yoga practices. Read more...

Spend your holidays at our magical retreat centerpracticing ashtanga yoga, dynamic yoga, hatha yogaor vinyasa flow yoga breaks, set in a nurturing six hectares of a traditional Portuguese rural estate in the gorgeous countryside of central Portugal.  The centre was founded by Peter & Sue in 2008. You will find a peaceful place of authentic yoga practices and anopportunity to regain your energy in a restful andbeautiful location.

The holiday is purposefully for medium sized groups of people so that we have more time to spend assisting you with your practice. When you are not practicing then there will be plenty of time  to socialise, relax by the salt water pool, explore the surrounding forest, read a book from our extensive library, recharge and just be in the moment. We have pergolas and hammocks dotted all around the grounds so finding space is very easy. Each day here begins with the sounds of nature, a morning cup of herbal tea from our dedicated guest kitchen overlooking the stunning Bacelo valley. Four days a week we incorporate morning silence before and after practice so as not to create too much disturbance to our minds, which allows for a deeper experience before we enter the class. Our classes starts at eight in the morning and six in the evening. Why not Restore yourself on one of our yoga and meditation retreat in Europe.

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Our theme here at the centre is yoga, and during your stay we aim to help your practice evolve by sharing the space and time to explore Ashtanga, Yin,  Mindfulness Meditation, and Pranayama Practices. We also have an in-depth bandha’s class which has been transformative for a lot of our yogi/yogini friends.

Yoga Holidays 2018
Yoga Shala

This year on our healthy 2018 yoga vacations we have many different types of yoga trips and holidays as well as some shamanic retreat weeks. You can choose from ashtanga vinyasa yoga, vinyasa flow, dynamic, hatha, and yoga breaks for women only. As always the food is tasty vegetarion whole food cooked with a whole lot of love and care. If you have any dietary requirements then just let us know when you book onto a holiday and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Peter & Sue moved here in January 2008 after searching extensively in the UK and abroad. We found this wonderful property called Bacelo which at the time was completely derelict and in need of love and care for the forested valley and the buildings. When we arrived there was no rooms which were habitable, no running water, no showers and no kitchens to cook food. We have to say that this was the start of a wonderful and sometimes incredibly challenging journey given that we had just spent every penny we had on buying the property. It was very fortunate that Peter had learnt how to build when he was in his 20’s and had lots of skills to work with as well as learning new skills along the way. Sue was the perfect labourer with her boundless energy and strength.
So with this massive gorgeous property to work with, we spent 18 months installing two kitchens and renovating six guest bedrooms so that we could start to allow our dream to be helpful to people who would like to spend time in nature and feel her nurturing touch all around. We chose to take on a restoration project so that we did not lose the traditional authentic Portuguese look and feel to our home.
We finished the renovation work after Seven years and now have ten guest rooms as well as some wooden caravans.  Since we arrived we have held and taught over 180 yoga and meditation weeks and are really able to build our own practice as well as continue to invite people to stay with usto share the space we have created.

Our main practise here for many years is ashtanga vinyasa, the primary series, but as time has passed we realised that we needed to embark on a journey to learn more about, mindfulness, shamanism and astrology to bring a holistic view to the practises. We explore astrology from the birth chart which gives us a map of how the personality has developed Peter is our resident astrologer). This allows us to share what might be helpful with the many people that we meet as one shoe does not fit all.

Astanga is a set sequence of postures that starts with the sun salutations. This leads into the standing sequence which creates stability from the foundation upwards using alignments to activate the correct muscle groups to sustain the posture. The actual primary series does not begin until we arrive in the first sitting posture called Dandasana. We start in Dandasana and travel through a sequence of postures all linked together using vinyasa, which is the Sanskrit work for sequence. The primary series ends in Setu Bandasana and we then move into the closing sequence. This practice is balaned with yin in the evening.

The closing sequence is about cooling the yang (heat) created during the Sun moevements through the primary series and starts with a deep backbend called Danurasana before moving into the inversions and ending in Padmasana (lotus).

It is very important to note that in the astanga practice every movement also has an inhale or exhale accompanying it. So we could say that the practice is one long breathing exercise.
We have also started to teach Hatha weeks here and some flow retreat weeks. Hatha focuses on creating balance in our lives by learning several of the many thousands of practices the diciplice has to offer. It is common knowledge that all asana has its roots in Hatha.

Sue is our dynamic vinyasa teacher here and she brings in practices that can be accompanied with one of the elements of fire, water, air, and earth.

The most affordable yoga retreat in Europe
We have done our best over the years to keep our prices as low as we can so that we can be accessible for everybody.  We simply have no desire to make people pay over the odds for a weeks stay here. We also have an instalment plan for those who are on a tight budget and need some flexibility.

Single £550 - Shared Twin or Double £500pp - Eco caravan £450
Stone Cottage £600pp

Yoga Evolution Retreats, Amieira, Oleiros, Castelo Branco, 6160 052, Portugal - 00351 272 634 004
with Sue & Peter

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