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Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course 250 Hours Portugal Europe

Welcome to the Yoga Evolution Residential Five Week Teacher Training Program

Course Directors: Senior Yoga Teachers: Sue & Peter

Our yoga teacher training course is over 5 weeks which delivered over two, two week yoga teacher training retreats and then one week for assesment and consolidation of the course.

The weeks are as folows and there will be limited availability on the course.

The first two Weeks start October 2021. Exact dates to be published in 2020

Contact: teachertraining@yogaevolutionretreats.com - Phone 00351 272 634 004

You will be certified by Yoga Evolution & Yoga Alliance Professionals UK

Yoga Teacher training EuropeWanting to become a yoga teacher and selecting the right course that fits in with your needs can be a stressful experience in itself, with thousands of training courses all saying that they are the best at this or that. Over the years we have been repeatedly asked to hold training programs and now we have decided to do exactly that.

Unlike most courses we recognise that 200 hours is just not enough for a student to really develop the ability to hold such an important and nurturing space when in a class environment. We have also been holding retreats and teaching classes for nearly fifteen years and have recognised the huge gaps in knowledge and lack of confidence a lot of teachers have, after attending a 200 hour training certification program on some of the most popular yoga teacher training courses in Europe and the UK. This why we have chosen 250 hours and five weeks. Unfortunately for some they have also been left out in the yoga teacher wilderness with no support network.

When you train with us you can guarantee that it will be comprehensive and the skills you learn will be helpful in your own personal development as well as your students. We are not interested in training robots and we do not ask you to strive to change who you are. We see that in every human being is an inner teacher and when you attend our course we would like to help you access the true earth spirit, walking this planet, that you are.

A style of training that is for the Yogi/Yogini of modern society.

Learning and being a yoga teacher does not mean that you have to start changing who you are, it does not mean that the cave is calling and that is where the yoga is, it does not mean that you have to start suppressing who you are naturally. Our style of teacher training is about helping you to become fully yourself, just as you are. This allows for your teaching style to shine through and whatever you are doing in your life you can always adapt and change according to your circumstances.

Why have we chosen 5 weeks?

Become a yoga instructorOver the years we have attended teacher training courses that have been for a set amount of weekends or a set amount of weeks. We have found that immersing yourself on a set amount of weeks has been the most effective, when it has comes to learning. Attending a set amount of weeks allows for you to really go deeper into your practice and yourself. We develop our own routine that usually consists of, practice, learning eating, sleeping and this really helps the mind develop real focus and concentration. Your life suddenly becomes all about yoga and your daily routine is nurtured by yoga practices, giving you a first hand deeper experience of the path you have chosen.

How will we support you after you leave?

During your yoga education with us you will receive an in-depth course manual that is yours to take away. The manual will cover everything you have learnt and heard in our lectures. We have also setup a social group that will only be for teachers that have and continue to train with us. We also publish extra leaning material that will be available to you even when you leave.

Even more support

Once you have completed your course you will have the opportunity to attend and assist us on the general yoga retreats that we teach here at the centre. This will really allow for you to develop as a teacher. If you just want to come on a retreat then we will offer a discounted rate for you to attend. If we feel that you have developed enough to hold our space then we might ask you to come as a paid guest teacher.

Once you have assisted on a retreat then you might want to look into holding your own retreat week. This is also something that you will receive support with.

If you feel that you need extra mentoring then you will have the opportunity to have Skype sessions. Peter & Sue will only ask for a donation for this extra support and if you cannot afford anything, then that will be fine as we are sure you will pass it on at some point in the furure.

We do not stop at 250 hours as you will have the opportunity of adding further training onto your 250 hours which can include, yin yoga teacher training, shamanic training, in-depth mindful meditation training, evolutionary astrology training. We have an abundance of courses which we will be offering in the future and will make these all available as time goes by. We will also be holding courses in the UK and other countries.

Course fees

yoga training certification europeCourse cost is £3500/390 Euros which is £700 per week. This includes all of the course material, accommodation and food. We require a none refundable £500 pound deposit upon booking onto the course and then you are welcome to pay for the remainder of the course in instalments. Just let us know what will work better for you and together we will work something out.


We allocate our accommodation on a first come first served bases which consist of eco caravans and shared and single rooms.


The course will only have vegan/vegetarian food but we do understand that some people do need a little more protein and all you have to do is let us know what works for you.

To register your interest or to book onto the course you will need to have had a two year regular yoga practice. If you would like to chat about the course then we can arrange a Skype session or a phone call.

Our course syllabus will be following soon

Yoga Evolution Retreats, Bacelo, Amieira, Oleiros, Castelo Branco, Portugal, Europe

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