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Yoga Retreats New Year 2022

28th of December 2022 to 4th of January 2023


Join Peter & Sue on retreat at the Yoga Evolution Retreat Center in central Portugal for Our New Year Retreat

yoga chritmas retreatWhy not celebrate the festive season this year on retreat with us here in Portugal where we will be eating healthy vegan & vegetarian dishes and practicing Evolutionary Yoga. We have been holding retreats at our centre, which is set in Six hectares of well cared for forest land for over Eleven years. Our centre is the perfect place to rebalance, refocus and dive deeply into your yoga practice. We also have several guided walks through the forest tracks with Peter or Sue during each week.


Peter & Sue are the founders of Evolutionary Yoga which is an integrated practice that brings together vinyasa & yin Yoga, Shamanism, Qigong, Mindfulness Meditation, Yin Yoga, Gong Healing and Astrology.

dining area


Experience our vinyasa flow style of practice that incorporates the elements and building beneficial practices to help open the body and mind.

Shamanic Practice

On retreat we will be journeying to the sound of the shamanic drum which allows us to visit other dimensions that are not usually available in our normal day to day consciousness. We do use any form of plant medicine because the drum and spirt are all the medicine we need.


Learn proven ways of meditating to help calm the mind and allow yourself to deeply relax and be the witness of thoughts, emotions and sensations.


qigong practice

On the week we will learn the five animal qigong method as well as meridian qigong. These are very transformative practice that allow you to connect directly to your energy body and direct qi to where it is needed.

Yin Yoga

yin yoga posture

Gently release tension from the physical body and clear you’re meridian channels with our set sequences that massage the internal organs and clear any blockages. Yin yoga works on creating compression in the joints and tension on the connective tissue allows for our fascia to release and rejuvinate.



Learn about your astrological birth chart and what all of the planets and signs mean to you personally. No two charts are ever the same. We are not just one sun sign but all of the signs and all of the planets.

Gong Healing

gong bath

On the retreat Peter who is an advanced gong healing practitioner will bath you in planetary gongs that are tuned to planetary frequency’s. Gong baths reset the nervous system and enhance the immune system as well as allow you to relax deeply.

roof terrace

Start & Finish

The retreats starts in the evening and to get here you will need to take the 6pm coach from the Sete Rios and we will meet you in Oleiros at 21.30 to bring you here.

The retreat starts Saturday evening and ends Saturday morning and the coach leaves Oleiros at 08.00 and arrives back in Lisbon at 12.30 noon. We organise the travel to Oleiros to get the coach/bus

More information on travel can be found on the two links below.

All spaces on this week are 700GBP & if you are returning you do get a 10% discount

Yoga Evolution Retreats, Amieira, Oleiros, Castelo Branco, 6160 052, Portugal - 00351 272 634 004
with Sue & Peter
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