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Yin Yoga Teacher Training /CPD

2nd to 13th of October - 1000GBP Includes Food, Accommodation and course classes and manual

Join Peter & Sue for a yin yoga 100 hour intensive which is suitable for fully  preparing yoga teachers  to teach yin yoga and those feeling ready to fully immerse themselves in their inner worlds. The course will take place over 10 full days  and will  be accompanied by a comprehensive yin yoga manual.

The Training will cover   a broad range of subjects  including.

-     The Art of basic Mindfulness in a yin yoga practice.

-     A solid grounding in Chinese 5 Element Theory.

-     An opportunity to deeply Learn the pathways of the Major Meridians of the body & how they can be regulated with a yin practice.

-     An Understanding of the Organs of the body from the Chinese medical perspective the chronic & acute conditions associated with their imbalances, Their energetic effects,  emotions, varying mental states & their wonderful virtues when they find balance.

-      The vessels & energy storage centres of the body from the Qigong perspective & how to use breath work & movements to generate abundant energy.

-     Yin & sound therapy - Solfeggio frequencies, Organ sounds, Bija Mantras, Drums & singing bowls.

-     How to prop in yin including experimental student led sessions.

-     Understanding of the full repertoire of yin postures, their purpose, benefits & any contraindications.

-     Yin & the Art of story telling & poetry  focusing on Japanese Haiku & Daoist philosophy drawing us back to the time of the GREAT PEACE.

-     Yin anatomy & physiology looking in depth at skeletal variations and how they limit our range of movement, the Autonomic nervous system and how yin yoga can help regulate it & the fascinating Fascia of the body & its far reaching implications.

-     Incorporating Acupressure, Dowing & Direct Organ Stimulation into a Yin Practice to amplify its healing effects.

-     An introduction to Yin & Shamanistic practices focusing on organ healing.

-     The training will be balanced with Yang time in the form of  traditional Kung Fu Training, Sun salutation variations  &  more strenuous qi gong practices based on animal movement.

About the teachers -


Sue has been regularly teaching Yin Yoga classes and workshops for over 7 years here at the retreat centre. She has undertaken in depth trainings with Sarah Powers & Paul Grilley  & has studied the work of other prominent Yin Toga teachers including Bernie Clarke & Norman Blair.  Sue has also almost finished 4 years of study in shamanic  Homeopathy & through that and dedicated self study has extensive knowledge of & experience in the enhancement of  the Organs  of the body & working with the energy body including Meridians, Vessels & Acupressure points. Sue also recently  completed her Medical Qigong training with Tevia Feng  in Thailand. Sue came to yoga almost 20 years ago with a multitude of health problems & her journey has been & continues to be a profound healing journey , she knows the incredible power of these practices and generously shares her knowledge with others to assist them on their own individual journeys.


Peter has been teaching and practicing Yin for over 7 years here at the centre and has studied with Sarah Powers and trained in-depth with the Mindfulness Association in the UK. Peter has also been practicing many methods of powerful energy practices for over 40 years, including Qi Gong & Martial arts. Peter has trained in-depth with Leo Rutherford in the powerful teachings of the medicine wheel which is a map that allows us to see where we need to heal in this life. He is also a trained evolutionary astrologer and has undergone training with Steven Forest who he still works with. His passion is to look into the birth chart to share the possible journey of a persons soul which will allow the healing journey to begin for them using the chart and life experience as the map. Here has recently trained in 5 element medical Qi Gong and will be sharing his knowledge generously as we journey through the training together.
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