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Vinyasa Qigong Yin Shamanic Mindful Meditation Yoga Retreat

20 to 27th October - Book yoga retreat week
Earth Spirit Yoga Retreat

Vinyasa influenced style of postures

Join Sue & Peter on this week to experience a week of integrated yoga posture practices drawing on the four elements of fire, earth, water and air and creating sequences to express those elements.

The posture sequences will help build strength, flexibility, mobility and alignment. The key to all postures is the breath and will be used to guide the vinyasa, influenced style of practice.

We have been teaching yin yoga here for many years now and will be using sequences to enhance organ health by gently releasing tension stored in the fascia of the body. We have many different practices that we integrate into each posture.

Mindful meditation is all about coming into our current momentary experience and observing our body and mind and the thoughts that pass through all of the time. Peter will be teaching the method of the practice and also how we can develop a little more kindness towards ourselves by cultivating a helpful attitude. Once we learn the method and the attitude then we can move onto learning very helpful practices.

On this week you will be introduced to QIGONG warm up exercises to open the body up and prepare it for the yoga sequences. The style of QIGONG is gentle and works directly with the energy body to enhance our organ health and clear any blockages that we might have.

Shamanic Practice (We do not use any plant based medicine)

The shamanic practice on this week will be drum meditation or what we call journeying. The drum is known as the horse and we ride the beat of the drum into a peaceful and relaxed experience. On this week we will explore the healing power of the medicine wheel and see where and how that map of our consciousness can be integrated and changed where it needs to be.

We will also be holding two ceremonies, one called the flowering tree and the other is a release and renew.

Vinyasa Yin Yoga Qigong meditation retreat


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