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Selina Kearns - Chef and Naturopathic nutritional therapist, Specialises in vegetarian and vegan wholefoods

nutritional therapy
My love for food and cooking began when I was a child, helping my mother in the
kitchen, baking and testing out the rhubarb brought in from the garden. My first
paying job as a teenager was in a lovely café in Sligo where I got introduced into the
world of a chef and just how one can be so creative with food, colours, smells,
textures and flavours.

I went on to Study Professional Cookery in Galway and have been working for the
last 10 years in many different styles of restaurants, cafes and bakeries home and
abroad incorporating what I have learned from the amazing teachers I have had.
My move to Canada was where I my world of food expanded. I was introduced to so
many different cultures and different ways to use food that I never seen before. I
spent one year working in a Buddhist Vegetarian Chinese café in Kensington market,
Toronto where my love and creativity for vegetarian food grew. I felt the connection
people had with food, quality of ingredients and conscious eating and could feel their
appreciation and gratitude for the food being served.

From there I travelled west towards the Okanagan Valley to work as a chef on a fruit
orchard. The land and produce was so luscious with fantastic tasting food where we
grew cherry trees, apple trees, grape vines, figs, walnuts, blackberries and the
juiciest peaches of picked straight from the trees for breakfast. Not to mention the
vegetable garden offering hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes, egg plant, potatoes, red
cabbages you name it we had it and a variety of fresh herbs. I spent the summer
there and I really felt the benefits of eating local fresh, home grown, good quality
food, I was full of life and vitality and I really felt the truth in the saying “you are what
you eat.”

detox yoga holidaysI made plans from there to come back to Ireland to study Naturopathic Nutritional
therapy which has opened my eyes to the power for which food really has. Some of
our western diets has led us down the path of ill health, obesity, diabetes,
cardiovascular disease when all of these ailments are completely preventable. Think
of it as putting petrol on the fire, it will continue to burn, but feeding our bodies with
the right foods will bring us back to a place of wellness and restore balance in all
aspects of our lives.

My cooking style is nutritionally focused using natural ingredients making ‘healthy’
food taste great.

As a nutritional therapist I am looking forward to working with people on a deeper
level, educating and empowering people to feel the benefits that food really has to

Look forward to meeting you all


Selina xxx
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