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Physical Benefits Of Yoga

These are just some of the physical benefits of yoga, there are many more so lets get on the mat!

          Increased Suppleness & Flexibility -  One of the most immediate benefits. Yoga focuses on deep stretch of muscles, gently lengthening muscle fibers.
         Whole Body Workout - In the postures  every muscle in the body, even those we never normally use are systematically stretched & awakened. No other form of exercise reaches such a comprehensive range of muscles.
         Increased Mobility Of Joints - Yoga  quickly develops internal heat which softens muscle   fibers &  provides increased internal lubrication which loosens the   joints.
         Strength - In yoga  the body is the gymnasium on   which various muscles develop. Each  posture causes certain muscles to work to   support, lift or stretch  parts of the body against the force of gravity. Thus   parts of the body  become our set of weights which other parts ie. Arms, legs,   back or  abdomen have to work to lift & support.

        Enhanced Muscle Tone - Yoga postures develop muscular strength in a unique way.  The muscles get stronger & more efficient but do not increase their size & bulk. They just become more evenly toned.

       Improved Body Shape -  Yoga develops all the muscles in the body evenly. The body is toned  from head to toe leading to a body shape that is balanced & natural.

Stabilized Body Weight -   Yoga improves the cellular activity of internal organs inc. stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas & intestines enhancing catabolism &  anabolism which improves food utilization. The kidneys & colon become more efficient which improves discharge of waste materials. The  body soon establishes & effortlessly maintains its optimal body weight.
        Stamina - A  regular yoga practice quickly develops muscular & cardiovascular endurance so that you can gradually increase the duration &  intensity of your workout.
        Improved Posture -  By working equally & evenly throughout the body, yoga realigns  every bone in the body. As joints loosen & muscles release  residual tension the skeletal bones move   freely into their natural position. So whether postural misalignment is due to previous injuries, genetic dispositions or simply bad habits it can be corrected with sustained yoga practice.
        Detoxification - When stretching, twisting, bending forwards & backwards during your yoga practice various organs Inc liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen & stomach are  stretched,  squeezed & relaxed which rinses them in fresh blood  & drains off old,   stale blood. This rejuvenates their cellular tissue, improves their vital   functioning & prevents the build up of toxic waste products.
        Added Vitality - As  fresh blood penetrates   deeply into every tissue of each organ the  natural functions of respiration & digestion improve enhancing our health.
        Improved Breathing   & Lung Capacity -  Establishing & maintaining yoga postures   demands effective breathing .As we work into the postures the lungs awaken &   release  their tension. Dormant lung tissue is reactivated setting up more    beneficial patterns of breathing deeply & fully. Many postures work    specifically to open the chest, strengthen respiratory muscles & loosen lung tissue. Yogic breathing develops lung capacity & retrains the lungs &   brain to breathe more deeply &  effectively in everyday life so that more oxygen is available for the body to use.
        Improved Blood &   Lymph Circulation - Stretching  the muscles & inverted postures   improve blood circulation. Venous  blood return to the heart is produced by muscular contraction. By  working every muscle in the body yoga promotes healthy  blood  circulation. Improved breathing also effects blood circulation as the action of the lungs also supports the heart in pumping blood round the    body.
        Enhanced Bowel Function - Some postures  exert direct pressure on the large intestines stimulating peristaltic  activity   ensuring rapid elimination of waste products & relief  from constipation.
        Improved Kidney Function - The  tonifying effect of yoga postures on the sponge like tissue of the kidneys enables them to efficiently filter & discharge waste products from the blood.
        Improved co-ordination - The cells of the central & peripheral nervous system are toned so that their activity is enhanced.  The nerve plexus are  activated so that the nervous system becomes more vital   & sensitive. As a result control over body movements become more refined & subtle.
        Improved Sporting Performance - Which ever   sport you participate in, be it, Tennis, Football, Boxing, Rugby, Golf, Snooker   or Darts yoga posture  practice will give you that competitive edge. The   stimulation of the  central nervous system ensures that hand eye co-ordination is more  accurate & the reconnection of various body parts means movements will be swift & accurate.
        Improved Skin - As  yoga removes   toxic waste material from the system & enhances  blood circulation skin   becomes smoother, clearer, brighter &  glowing. Also inversions are reputed to delay the onset of wrinkles giving a more youthful appearance.
        Improved Hair - Inversions in yoga postures  stimulates the blood circulation to the scalp meaning that hair  follicles are nourished so that hair grows thicker & more quickly.
        Enhanced   Immune System - Overall  yoga promotes glowing robust health. Every cell   of every organ & muscle is invigorated & kept supplied with fresh blood.   There is  less possibility of toxic build up at a cellular level & in organs themselves. The glands of the immune system are supported so that the body’s ability to resist disease is enhanced.

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