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hatha flow holidayJoin Peter on evolutionary yoga weeks experience hatha vinyasa yoga flow and yogic and mindfulness meditation practices with qigong practice and gong healing. On this week our focus will be to learn yoga practices that directly affect the koshas which is the five dimensions of a human being according to yoga philosophy. click here to read more about evolutionary yoga

The week is open to everybody and will build slowly and kindly


Hatha yoga literally translates as the balance between the Sun & Moon aspects of ourselves. Another way to say the same thing would be balance between the mind and heart or yin and yang.

Morning Yoga

On this week we will be working with several different sequences of postures with a balance between, standing, forward bending, back bending, inverted postures, twists, and balanced postures, all with an emphasis of working the body within the alignment of our own gravitational field and  accepting our own personal limitations. We will also take the opportunity to practice yogasana or staying in a posture for longer periods of time several mornings a week.

Morning Meditation Practice

Each day we will be learning different methods of meditation, ranging from mindfulness practices or open awareness to concentrative meditation and yoga nidra (sleep). Many meditation practices can take us into a place of peace and bliss as well as help to navigate our own experience of thoughts and emotions that arise out of nowhere. Some of the thoughts we have tend to make us react in an unhealthy way which can leave us feeling uneasy and closed down or lead to behaviour that can leave us feeling depleted and even lost. The meditation practices taught by Peter are gentle and allow you to develop a sense of kindness and acceptance towards yourself and others.

Evening Yin Yoga

In the evening practice we will be learning different sequences of yin postures to directly and gently affect the meridians (energy channels) of the internal organs and also the application of mindfulness and pranayama inside each posture. When we find our energy out of balance then we can suffer physical, mental and emotional difficulties in our everyday life. Once we learn the sequences related to the kidneys and urinary bladder, liver and gallbladder and the other major organs pairs, we can use them to correct any energy imbalances. By applying mindfulness meditation practices to our yin practice it becomes easier to sensitize towards the flow of thoughts and emotions passing through our awareness as well as being able to identify which part of the body is holding the sensation manifesting as tension. Each yin posture is an opportunity to delve inside the universe of sensation held within the body and becomes a journey of discovery leaving you feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Just breathe

You will be introduced to tranquilizing & balancing pranayama practices that re-energize the body, mind and spirit. The breath is the foundation of all of our practices and brings with it new life with each breath. This powerful blessing that we have from mother nature allows us to experience her wonders. The breath is one of the things that every living creature has in commen on this planet. After teaching for many years Peter has observed it has become common for the breath to be left out of classes and more of an emphasis to be placed on the body shapes. without the breath we cannot experience yoga. When we breath in a way that directs our awareness to the sensations being experienced inside our body we can bring a whole new dimention to our practice.

Peace & Love

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