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Astrology natal chart reading
Astrology Birth Natal Chart Reading With Peter

Your birth or natal chart is a unique picture of all of the planets in the solar system and their positions when you were born. Each one of the planets has a direct affect on your personality, energy, emotions and physical and mental health from the day you are born and became a native of mother earth.

When you have a reading with Peter it is all about finding out why we might be a particular way or act in a certain way when we are confronted with difficulties in our every day lives. In news paper nonsense astrology the focus is only on the Sun sign and that is given to everybody in a very one shoe fits all kind of way. This is by no means anything to do with your birth chart as we are not just one planet or sign, we are actually all of them and each sign colors an area of our lives. We can say signs colour the houses of human experience and the planets in houses really intensify or ask a question in that part of our lives, sometimes we might find that the energies flow really smoothly while at other times they pull us to peices. when you gain  knowledge of your chart it is empowering to know that you have that little bit of extra help from the universe.

To book a reading with Peter Simply fill out the form below (Please ensure you use the form below so that the email goes directly to Peter) and he will be in touch to arrange a time with you. Pleae fill all of the information out. Peter will need your exact time of birth or the chart will not be accurate. Please do not just guess the time or your reading will not reflect your life experiences.

Readings are done via skype and cost £50 for a one hour session

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