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Welcome to our online yoga & qigong classes

Join Peter for Qigong (Yi Jin Jing & 5 Animal -

Join Peter at 6pm UK time on for Qigong. Please do a warmup 20 minutes before. You can find my warmup on our youtube channel. 5 Animal forms & Yi Jin Jing Qigong class. The class will be One hour. Please login 15 minutes before the class and you will be entered into the waiting room.

The Muscle tendon changing forms are specifically designed strengthen, stretch and tone the body as well as relieve stress and stagnant qi form the 12 major meridians. This practice directly affects the myofascia lines of pull in the physical body. The body is a tensional network very delicately balanced duding tension and compression, sometimes this network develops problems due to stress or lack of movement.

The five animal forms & healing sounds. The five animal forms are time tested forms that are specific to our organs, This coupled with the healing sounds for each organ allows us to remove stagnant qi and also tension surrounding the organs. We will also apply the inner smile to enhance organ health and vitality.

Join Sue for Yin Yoga

We will learn more techniques to bring the breath down & mobilise & relax the diaphragm focusing this week on Lower Dantian Breathing coupled with the coherent breath. to purge any cold stagnant energy, bring us more into our centre, balance the nervous system & enhance our vitality Qi

The yin Postures this week will focus on the upper body , shoulders, arms & hands we will take a deep look into the Heart & Lung & pericardium Meridians, & acupressure points purging sadness & grief both personal & in the collective & cultivating patience, tolerance & courage.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

The class is donation based with a minimum recommended amount of £5 . If it is not possible to donate then please join anyway. You can donate on the link below or transfer directly into our bank account.

If you want to transfer directly into our UK account then use the details below.

You must have an account with Zoom to join the class. Visit to register. Please download the zoom program from the website and install it onto your computer or device.

Once you have created your account then click the link below to register for the Class
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