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Yoga Retreat for Men

Join Peter and James for a men only yoga retreat - August 15th to 22nd

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Spend a week long qigong & yoga retreat revitalizing, re-aligning and nourishing your inner and outer being with practices designed to strengthen, ground, nurture the body, mind and spirit. This will be a week of celebrating our yang, (masculine) and yin, (feminine) qualities or rediscovering the lost parts of these fundamental qualities for better health and well being.

With Peter in the morning

On the retreat we will be taking a journey together exploring and practicing shamanistic drum journey’s, the qigong 5 animal forms and qigong purging practices to balances the internal organs to enhance and balance our qi flow.

Practice a set sequence of postures that naturally flow into each other as we learn the evolutionary yoga sequence of yang practice. Read more about evolutionary yoga here

We will spend time in nature and perform our own personal ceremony using the eight directions of the medicine wheel teachings.

Discover meditation practices that are simple yet incredibly powerful and provide us with personal insights into our inner worlds.

With James in the evening and Peter will provide several planetary gong baths

Restorative yoga is the practice of relaxation for conscious deep rest. This is a practice that uses props to support the physical body in a position of ease and comfort, to help trigger our natural relaxation response to encourage energetic, emotional and mental equanimity.

We all can relax deeply, even if we don’t know it. Relaxation is an inborn, integrated physiological process that you can trigger by setting up the right conditions. To rest deeply is to experience absolute relaxation where there is effortless in stillness, quietness and, peace.

We all live our lives continually being bombarded by stimulus which work on our fight or flight response which inhibit our natural relaxation response. The practice of restorative yoga focusses on setting up the physical and psychological conditions that stimulate the relaxing nerve centres. The practice has the potential to rejuvenate, restore vibrant energy and lift the spirit, to feel refreshed and ready to move on.

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