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Vinyasa Yoga Flow Retreat Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation 2017
This year the retreat runs 18th to 25th November 2017
Join Sue & Peter on this vinyasa yoga flow retreat in 2018. The word vinyasa translates from Sanskrit to mean a sequence of postures brought together by movement on the breath and an awareness of how our body moves within the force of gravity. Vinyasa yoga can also be seen as being a dance incorporating body, mind, and breath with full awareness of what is happening right now within our experience of the moment, while measuring the impact of action versus reaction. If we move our body in a way that allows our edge to express itself fully through the breath, every vinyasa yoga practice can allow for a smooth rhythmic breathing pattern to unfold with our movement and ultimately create a meditation within movement.

During this week of yoga and meditation we will be incorporating the four elements of earth, water, air and fire into our practice. We will have sequences of postures which primarily focus on allowing us to express an element within each physical vinyasa yoga practice; this will lead us to explore the four cardinal directions of the yoga medicine wheel. Sue & Peter have been teaching and learning on retreats for a long time and have brought a tranquil balance of all they have learnt and taught into this week which explores the dimensions of human experience, but instead of using the usual model of up or down and across, they see yoga as being a wheel of interconnectivity of experiences and in each direction of the wheel we will see that much can be learnt about ourselves.
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